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Artist Statement

Bushwick, Brooklyn. The J train runs above the sidewalks, not under them. It slices through the sky. North and south the landscape unfolds, first in pieces, then in large blocks of color and light. Sky, buildings, windows and rooftops become a film strip advancing across the east River to Manhattan. A selection of my paintings captures the rhythm of this urban passage. Saturated color and fractured horizons depict a cityscape, sublime in its own right.


Other work is a direct reflection of my lifelong fascination with the ocean. Vast, uncontrollable and unknowable, the continuous movement of the water comforts me. The pictorial space of these abstract paintings suggests a horizon and a seascape. Bands of color are the planes where we exist both consciously and spiritually. These paintings return again and again to this ordered composition. Soft predictable color, translucent blues and greens meet opaque sharp edges. Occasional, unpredictable neons interrupt the field.


Sameness interrupts the random. The urban and the ocean invites predictability, surprise and magic.

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Born in Neptune, New Jersey, Michel Carluccio graduated from Bennington College and received her MFA from Hunter College. Residing in Brooklyn since the 1990's Michel makes abstract paintings and has exhibited on and off around NYC and Canada. 


Discovering a passion for art education and social justice, Michel has been teaching art to children throughout NYC for both the New York City Department of Education and non profit organizations. 

Her work is in numerous private collections and she resides with her family in Brooklyn, where she creates abstract paintings and finds the exquisite beauty in regular stuff.

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